Your life. Your interests. Your legacy.

It’s something we all think about: how can I capture what I’ve spent a lifetime practicing, developing and building?

Enter Legacy Shooter. We capture the essence of who you are through your interests. Sports, vehicles, intellectual pursuits, anything – our lens opens up your world to those around you in ways traditional storytelling simply cannot.

Spend time with our storytellers and you’ll be amazed at what they capture. Your life, told in a series of highly artistic images, that can be gathered into book form, or turned into just about anything you desire. We handle it all for you, from imaging to final product.

Explore the preservation of your interests today by contacting us at Legacy Shooter. We look forward to meeting you.


It’s one thing to be an amazing photographer, but to be an industry-leading image technologist is a rare combination indeed. With more than 20 years of hands-on, progressive experience in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, we will take the images we capture and turn them into works of art – images you’ll be proud to call your legacy.


The photographers at Legacy Shooter have traveled around the country capturing amazing stories, so no matter what your passion, they are prepared to be there with you. The process is simple: we discuss your project, agree to a price, and we are there, following you every step of the way.

Preserve the legacy of a friend or family member with a Legacy Shoot experience

Perfect for the person who would never think of doing this him or herself, a Legacy Shoot could very well be one of the great experiences of this person’s life – and you’ll be the one making it happen.

If you know of someone who would be a perfect Legacy Shoot subject, contact Us today to discuss details of your vision.